Technical advantage

UV photosensitive imaging technology Special texture effects
Metal texture effects UV inkjet printing
UV photosensitive imaging technology UV curable globs effect UV curable pearlescent gold UV inkjet printing
UV curable fine frosted UV curable pearlescent silver
UV curable relievable effect UV curable red gold effect
UV curable ice crack pattern
UV curable ink with planished grain
UV curable puff effects
UV curable ice crystals effect

    Hangzhou Bomei Culture & Art Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, produce and sale of special effects decorative paintings. We integrate creative works and masterpieces of designers and artists, then directly imaging artworks on the material of glass plates, metal and ceramic panels by use our unique UV curable ink patents which contain thirty years of technology accumulation. The paintings of Bomei have characteristics of heat resistance, scratch resistance, scrub resistance, moisture resistance and not mildew, which also have a sense of natural texture and metal texture effect. Moreover, high precision and excellent quality created our unique products.

    Reproduction of decorative painting in Bomei are not just COPY identically from the digital photo to canvas, conversely, we regard it as the second innovation about material, equipment and technology. Bomei focus on innovation, environmental protection and energy saving. Through our unique UV curing technology, we hope to combine art and technology to create series remarkable works to achieve a green lifestyle.

UV photosensitive imaging technology
    Bomei abandoned the traditional screen printing and inkjet printing process, using UV photosensitive imaging technology, reproducing artworks directly on glass, metal and ceramic plate surface. The painting reproduced not only show high precision, but also have the special texture effect or a scene of metal texture, which overcome the problems of that water droplets effect, metal particles and other special effects cannot be printed by inkjet printing methods. 
    The technology adopted by Bomei has the characteristics that environmental friendly inks have firm adhesion to the glass, metal and ceramic substrates. Then all paintings need to be high temperature treated to get characteristics of good heat resistance, solvent resistance, scratch resistance, scrub resistance, moisture resistance, non-fading and not mildew, which inkjet printing decorative paintings cannot achieved.
Customized multi-layer stereoscopic painting
The pattern can be partly presented on the front and back side of the glass plate.
Then the background picture is sprayed on a background canvas, formation a three layers of stereoscopic effect.

Giving the picture special texture effect
UV new technology can display different special effects according to
the screen content which can not achieved by inkjet printing methods.

Special texture effects
UV curable globs effect, UV curable screen pearlescent, UV curable fine frosted,UV curable frosted,UV curable relievable effect
UV curable ice crack pattern, UV curable ink with planished grain, UV curable shrink, UV curable puff effects.
Showing the natural texture of the picture.

Metal texture effects
Gold, Silver, UV curable mirror reflect silver and gold,
Antique brass, UV curable pearlescent gold, Pearlescent silver.
The spot colors which containing metal texture effect particles etc. Reproduce the metallic effect of the artworks.

UV Inkjet printing
Multi-layer stereoscopic printing, restore the strokes of the real oil painting.
Combining UV photosensitive imaging technology to achieve complementary advantages.


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    The Bomei decorative painting mainly includes glass, ceramic, canvas and metal painting. which

covered with special texture of globs, fine frosted, metal effects, etc. Our paintings could decorated
in the living room, dining room, bedroom and study room, or even basement, bathroom, shower room.

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